Trap Range Committee Chairman:
John Donahue

Trap Range Co-Chairman:
Vince Olmstead
Greg Peters
Tom DeLeonardis

Trap Shooter.jpg

Sportsmen's Club of Clifton Park has 3 Trap fields. They are equipped with Pat-Traps, the new wireless Canterbury Voice Release Systems, and are lighted for night operations. All Fields are ATA certified and wheelchair accessable. The Trap Committee manages all Trap operations.  Hearing and eye protection are required on the Trap fields.

Our Resources

Here at SCCP we have the best Trap resources in the local area. With three ATA (Amateur Trap Association) sanctioned fields we are capable of handling 15 shooters concurrently. The three fields gives us the ability to offer three different variations of shooting at the same time should we choose to do such; singles, doubles, and wobble trap. Singles releases one bird at a time thrown at varying angles. Doubles releases two birds simultaneously at fixed angles. Wobble offers a single bird at varying angles and at varying trajectories. Three trap fields also means little or no wait times for shooters. We employ PAT trap machines, recognized as the best target throwing machine on the market. We use White Flyer biodegradable birds which are worth the extra cost because they offer truer flight, reliable hit response and are environmentally friendly. The fields are fully blacktopped and the targets fly to a consistent, nonintrusive backdrop. Shooters walk on a level shooting surface and can focus on targets without interference. For night shooting we have 12,000 watts of lighting which are a pleasure to shoot under. We also utilize a wireless calling system with each shooter calling for their bird release when they’re ready to shoot.

How it is done

A round of trap is shot at five different positions on the field. Each shooter (in order) takes 5 birds at each position making a round of trap consist of 25 shots, one box of shells. A shooter can shoot alone or with up to four other participants, one per shooting lane. After each shooter has taken five birds at their position, everybody moves one lane to the right and the shooter in lane five moves over to lane one. Doubles trap involves 10 birds per position before rotating.

Equipment Required

Each shooter must wear eye and ear protection, use a shotgun with a barrel length of at least 26 inches and target load shells of 7 ½ or smaller shot. Size 8 shot is the most commonly used and all the major ammunition manufactures offer target shells at reasonable prices. Although there are shotguns specifically designed for trap shooting, any field type shotgun can effectively do the job, 12 gauge is most common but a 20 gauge will still break birds. A shell pouch can be very useful and we have a couple of pouches available for the lending.

Shooting Particulars

We shoot trap on Tuesday evenings from 5pm to 8pm during the summer and Sunday mornings 9am till noon during the winter. Changeover takes place near the daylight saving change dates each year. During January and February we also offer shooting under the lights from 5:30pm till 7pm. Trap is open to members at $3 per round and nonmembers at $4 per

round. We try to shoot every week but sometimes weather gets in the way. Check the SCCP web site for schedules and changes.

The trap committee welcomes experienced and new shooters alike. We offer one on one advice and coaching to new shooters. Come on out and try the sport, you’ll find the atmosphere friendly and congenial. We do offer one warning: Trap shooting can become habit forming.