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All of these events are for everyone interested in shooting steel and making it go "ding!" While accuracy and firearm proficiency are helpful, you needn't be a marksman to participate, we'll gladly provide you with the guidance to get the most out of these events.

What is a...
"Steel Fun Shoot?"

Above is helmet cam video which gives you a first-person view of what goes on at our "Steel Fun Shoot" events.

  • Cost is $1 per round of shooting

What is...
"Steel Challenge Practice?"

Shooters familiar with SCSA, mentor those who are not, providing guidance on what to expect from a typical SCSA competition. Shooters who attend regularly, will eventually become familiar with all 8 SCSA courses of fire.

  • Cost is $5 per shooter
The Details
  • The Targets - Roughly 9-10yards from shooters
    • 5-Plate Texas Star - 10" plates
    • Two 6-plate, Plate Racks - 10" plates
    • Two Small Pepper Poppers & One Large Pepper Popper
    • Occasionally, various other targets are added to the lineup, including:
      • 18"x24" Rectangle Targets
      • A Miniature Pepper Popper
      • 12" Round Plates
  • These events are open to members and their guests using center fire only pistols of any non-magnum calibur.
  • We recommed bringing 150 - 200 rounds of ammunition to either of these events.
  • All events are held on a "cold range" and absolutely no loaded firearms should be brought to these events. Firearms will be loaded under the supervision and instruction of the range officers running the event.
  • Working from the holster and performing magazine/cylander reloads can be performed by those who have completed the 8hr IPSC safety briefing. All others are required to work from low ready, cannot perform relaods during shooting, and are required to bring a suitable gun bag or gun box which will be used by the shooter to bring their firearm to the firing line, in, rather than a holster.

  • Aside from being able to safely handle your firearm you must be a member or the guest of a member and possess the ability to take instruction from our RSO's and love to shoot. We encourage any member legally able to shoot a firearm in NYS, male and female, young and young at heart, to join us.