SCOCP Bulls Eye League...

Contact: Tony Wells
Schedule: See our calendar for Spring and Fall dates
Times: 7:00pm to 8:30pm

At the Sportsmen's Club, we shoot two seasons of Bulls Eye, Spring and Fall. Each league lasts for ten weeks with a final meeting /awards dinner on the eleventh week. We shoot the NRA "Gallery Match" format - 30 shots at 50 feet. A safe match is our uppermost goal, we have a Range Officer and two Range Safety Officers running each match.

Our ten weeks consist of weekly matches wherein each shooter fires 30 rounds at three different targets, A slow Fire Target (10 shots in 10 minutes), A Timed Fire Target ( 5 shots in 20 seconds, done twice) and A Rapid Fire Target ( 5 shots in 10 seconds, done twice).

While it sounds easy, Bulls Eye is a discipline that requires you to exert some skills demonstrating your ability to acquire a steady grip, maintain breath control, utilize a proper sight picture, perform a proper trigger squeeze and follow through on each shot. Just the basics, done right. These skills are transferable to other firearm disciplines too.

All you need to participate is a .22 rimfire pistol and at least two magazines, revolvers are welcome.