Archery Range Committee Chairman:
Greg Rayno


Our Club’s heated indoor archery facilities are second to none in the capital region.



Inside the archery barn, you'll find everything you need to work on your bow...

  • 2 different bow presses, which includes the very unique Spike Press
  • An arrow cut off saw
  • Bow vice
  • Bow scale
  • ...and plenty of lighting.

Outside the archery barn...

  • On the south side of the building, is the "general practice" range complete with  pavilion roof to keep you out of the rain. Practice butts are located from 10 yards to 60 yards, as follows, 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60.
  • On the north side, of the building, you'll find the broad head practice range, the only place that broad head style tips can be used unless otherwise permitted by the Archery Chairman.
  • As hunting season gets closer, broad head targets will be available to shoot from the tree stand area.

The SCoCP Field Course, one of archery's more challenging target course set ups...

  • Can be shot by any archer using any equipment with the exception of Cross Bows. Meaning, allowable equipment for the field course will be the use of Longbow, Recurve or Compound.
  • The course consists of 14 targets that will be shot at ranges from 80 yards to 30 feet.
  • A half-field round consists of 4 arrows shot at each of 14 targets, 56 arrows total.
  • A full-field round consists of 4 arrows shot at each of 28 targets, 112 arrows total.
  • Detailed information sheet along with score cards that are located in the archery barn.