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IPSC Safety Briefing & Advanced Skills Qualification


This is the safety class you need to attend before you you are allowed to shoot in local USPSA/SCSA/ICORE matches.

This is the required class that allows shooters to work from the holster and reload during a string of fire at SCoCP Steel Fun Shoots.
This 8 hour course is designed for the person who is an experienced handgun shooter and wants to learn more about technique and tactics. We teach the basics of tactical shooting including shooting from a holster, engaging targets from behind cover, engaging targets on the move, proactive and reactive reloads and one handed shooting using both the strong and support hands. We will examine malfunction drills and weapon transition.

This is an intermediate to advanced course for the experienced shooter who wishes to enhance his or her skills.

This course is for those of you who want to develop your handgun skills beyond basic marksmanship, be permitted to shoot from the holster at our Steel Fun Shoots, and/or to participate in competitive shooting events in our area and beyond.

The course starts with a 3.5 hour classroom session and safety briefing in the club house, followed by 4 hours on the range, and a 30 minute wrap up session back in the club house.

Students need to be familiar with the basics of handgun marksmanship and safe handgun handling.

Required Equipment:

  • -Your pistol
  • -Strong side holster
  • -Magazine holder(s)
  • -Extra magazines or speed loaders
  • -200 rounds of ammo
  • -Eye and ear protection
  • -Baseball Cap
  • -Water & Snacks
  • -Insect repellent
  • -A folding chair

If you are interested in taking this course, please submit the form below to register or learn more about this course.

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