The Sportsmen's Club of Clifton Park has many volunteer opportunities. If you think you might be able to fill one of the volunteer roles listed below, please let us know by filling out and submitting the form below.

Range Planning & Development Chairman

  • Minimum Membership Qualification: None

  • Reports to: SCoCP BoD

  • Description:

    • The SCoCP has a very specific need for someone who is capable of planning and coordinating the expansion of our rifle range. Our current 200 yard rifle range has a swath of land off to one side that could accommodate approximately 4 additional shooting positions. The SCoCP would like to clear the small parcel of land, which is approximately 50 feet wide and 320 yards long. It currently contains a variety of trees and has an elevation difference, ranging from 2 to 5 feet higher than the existing range. The Range Planning & Development chairman will lead the committee that will be responsible for a multi-year project of planning and coordinating the efforts of contractors to:

      • Clear the land of of trees, preferably by a contractor willing to pay for the lumber/firewood that is removed.

      • Excavate and remove the sand, for a fee.

      • Build a new pavilion that will accommodate 4 additional shooting positions.

Project Manager/Coordinator

  • Minimum Membership Qualification: Must be an existing member in good standing for at least 1 year.

  • Reports to: SCoCP BoD

  • Description:

    • The SCoCP is looking for a project manager to coordinate ongoing range projects and develop and execute a 3-year infrastructure maintenance/upgrade plan. Club projects are typically planned and managed by individual range/committee chairman. The project manager will work with chairman and coordinate their collective efforts, help them develop project plans that meet the goals and objectives of the 3-year plan, and provide regular status reports to the Board of Directors and the membership. Currently, the club is reviewing options for upgrading/expanding the electrical service for the entire facility, evaluating options for expanding the clubhouse, working to upgrade IT infrastructure, considering how best to provide heat to the 200 yard range, and building a variety of berms to expand shooting capacity and improve safety.

Professional Services

  • Minimum Membership Qualification: Must be an existing member in good standing.

  • Description:

    • From time to time, the SCoCP has opportunities for members to help with projects as a way of giving back to the club. Volunteer your expertise whether you're an electrician, a carpenter, an engineer, a business owner, or just plain handy. We could always use the help!